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As described in Signing in, the first time you sign into TurboWriter, you are automatically registered under the verified email address provided by the third-party app you use to sign in. All of your TurboWriter data is stored under that email address.

However, you may not want your email address visible on every page. Therefore, when you are automatically registered, TurboWriter also assigns a username for you based on the display name you use in the third-party app.

In addition, TurboWriter copies the web address (URL) of your profile picture (avatar) from the third-party app to use as your TurboWriter avatar.

Changing Your Username

Once you are registered, you can continue to use your display name from the third-party app as your TurboWriter username, or you can change it at any time by clicking at the top of any TurboWriter page.

The only requirements for a new username are that you choose a username no other TurboWriter user is using, ignoring differences in case, and that you do not include an at-sign ("@") in your username.

Alternatively, you can clear the username field on the Profile page and TurboWriter will display your email address instead.

Changing Your Avatar

You can update the image to use as your avatar by clicking at the top of any TurboWriter page to reach your Profile page. You can change your avatar, or clear the avatar URL so that no image appears, at any time.

Changing Your Email Preferences

The first time you sign into TurboWriter and are automatically registered, TurboWriter assigns you default settings for receiving email from TurboWriter under various conditions.

You can view those settings by clicking at the top of any TurboWriter page to reach your Profile page. There you will see your current email settings. You can change them if desired, then click Update Profile to save your changes.

Retaining Your Data

Changing your username or avatar has no affect on retention of your playbooks and projects. That's because your TurboWriter data is stored under your email address. Although your username and avatar can be changed, you are registered in TurboWriter under your email address, and that does not change.