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Project Definitions

Usually, as described in About TurboWriter, a new TurboWriter user starts a project by selecting a playbook and then executing the project according to the design of that playbook.

However, a project owner or manager can also modify the project design. The Project Definition menu contains the same options as the Playbook Definition menu, described in Assignments, Documents, and Styles, and the pages to which you can navigate work the same way, except that the changes are applied to your project rather than a playbook.

This means that you can customize every aspect of your project's design, including assignments and their content and relationships, documents and their structure, and style definitions.

In addition, you can start a new project without specifying a playbook on which to base the project. To do that:

  1. Click at the top of any TurboWriter page to navigate to the home page.
  2. Click Start a New Project.
  3. Click the link:
    . . . click here to start a new project without a playbook.
  4. Use the Project Definition menu options to define your new project from the ground up.

Even after work has begun on a project, you can use the Project Definition menu options to make changes to the project design by adding, changing, or deleting assignments, documents, and styles. All your existing content is retained in the updated design.

You can also choose Project Administration > Clone Project Definition to start a new project using the current design of your project.

And you can choose Project Administration > Extract Playbook to create a new playbook using the current design of your project.