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Updating Quality Checklists

If you choose Project Definition > Define Assignments > Structure for an assignment that has received one or more checkmarks in the Quality Checklist on its Write or Review pages, you will see:

Note: Assignments with checkmarks will continue to use earlier checklist.

If you wish to update the Quality Checklist for such an assignment:

  1. From the Console page, go to the Write and Review pages where the checkmarks appear.
  2. Uncheck all checklist items.
  3. Save the assignment.
When you return to the Write and Review pages for the assignment, the Quality Checklist will have been updated and you can re-score the assignment.

By the way, retaining earlier checklists with checkmarks occurs for each instance of a repeating assignment individually. As a result, various instances of the same repeating assignment might have different versions of the Quality Checklist. You don’t lose existing scoring, but you can still update the checklist for instances that have no scoring, and if you wish, clear existing scoring to update the checklists for those instances as well.