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Assignments and the Progress Meter

In order to execute a project, project owners or managers assign writing and reviewing tasks to team members. Those tasks then appear on the menus of the team members and they can begin their assignments.

Making Assignments

When the project begins, Assign menu options on the project owner's project home page appear for each of the project's assignment definitions. You can click the Assign menu options to reach the Assign pages.

For repeating assignments, the Assign menu option takes you to a page where you add new instances of the assignment.

To assign a task on an Assign page, use the "Team Member" droplist to specify the person to whom you're making the assignment.

If individuals to whom you want to assign tasks are not in the droplist, you can use Project Administration > Project Users to add additional team members to the project.

If you wish, you can fill in other information on an Assign page and click the Assign button even if you have not filled in Team Member. You can then fill in Team Member later.

Project owners and managers can reach an Assign page from Project Administration > Console even if the task for making the assignment isn't on your menu.

The Progress Meter

The progress meter appears on project pages, showing statistics for all tasks with an assigned team member.

If a project owner or manager uses Project Administration > Console to update a Write or Review task without assigning it to a team member, the updated information is stored but will not be reflected in the progress meter until a team member is assigned.