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Document Sequencer

The document sequencer page enables you to control the order in which content and text items appear in your document.

A default sequence is generated from the document structure you create under Project Definition > Define Documents > Document Structure > Define. The default sequence is automatically updated if you modify the document structure, and whenever you add repeating assignments.

Creating a custom sequence on the Document Sequencer page lets you modify the default sequence. This is useful when you want the report to use a different sequence of repeating instances than the sequence defined at Project Administration > Console, and also for complex and irregular sequences that cannot be defined in the document structure.

To create a custom sequence, drag and drop items in the custom sequence panel, and right-click items to remove them from, or add them to, the custom sequence. Then click Install Custom Sequence. If desired, you can later return to the Document Sequencer page to modify the custom sequence and install a new one.


  • After you click Install Custom Sequence, that sequence will continue to be used until you change it or uninstall it, even if you later modify the document structure, or re-order repeating assignments. If you add repeating assignments after installing a custom sequence, the new content will not be included in the document. After such a change, you can update the custom sequence and reinstall a new one, or you can compute a new default sequence. To compute a new default sequence, click Uninstall Custom Sequence. You can then return to Document Sequencer page to define and install a new custom sequence if desired.
  • Text items you've removed are not shown in the Reserved Content panel when you return to the Document Sequence page. To put them back into the document, uninstall the custom sequence. You can then return to Document Sequencer page to define and install a new custom sequence if desired.