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Signing in

TurboWriter provides one of industry's most advanced sign-in technologies, extremely easy to use and yet extremely secure.

Rather than asking you to create a TurboWriter password, we ask you to sign in thru Facebook, Google, or Microsoft, third-party apps1 known for strict security measures.

The ease-of-use advantage is that when you are already signed into one of the third-party apps, you can register with TurboWriter instantly and then sign back into TurboWriter at any time with a single click.

The security advantage is that TurboWriter never sees or stores your password, so no hacker could obtain your sign-in credentials by hacking into TurboWriter. Instead, your TurboWriter sign-in credentials are protected by industry leaders in password security.

Since we use the third-party apps for sign-in, you must have an account with one of the third-party apps to use TurboWriter. If you do not already have such an account, the third-party app will present an opportunity to create one when you click the TurboWriter sign-in link.

When the third-party app reports to TurboWriter that you have signed in successfully, it reports the email address2 associated with your third-party app account. We then check whether that email address is already registered with TurboWriter, and if not, we automatically register you in TurboWriter with that email address.

That email address becomes your permanent TurboWriter user identification. Registering you lets us keep your data separate from everyone else's.

You can even use different third-party apps to sign into TurboWriter at different times if you wish. As long as the same email address is associated with each third-party app, you'll see your same TurboWriter data each time.

You can also create several TurboWriter accounts, each containing different projects and playbooks, by signing in with different email addresses.

By the way, because the third-party app you use to sign in has already verified your email address, TurboWriter does not require you to do so again. Since that verification process assures that only you can create an account using your email address in the third-party apps, only you can access your TurboWriter data.

Trying to Use Multiple TurboWriter Accounts Simultaneously

If you sign into TurboWriter with third-party apps that identify you by different email addresses at different times, TurboWriter maintains separate accounts for each email address.

That makes it possible for you to open TurboWriter in multiple windows or multiple tabs within the same browser and attempt to sign into separate TurboWriter accounts in different windows or tabs simultaneously.

However, browsers maintain a single session for each app, even if that app is being run in multiple tabs or windows.

Therefore, as soon as you navigate to any TurboWriter page in any tab or window, the browser will identify you according to the browser's single session for the app, and you will be running as the last account you signed into in every TurboWriter tab and window.


1TurboWriter is not affiliated with the third-party apps. We only use their published services, technically known as public APIs, to provide secure sign-in for our TurboWriter users. We do not send any of your TurboWriter information to the third-party apps.

2To use TurboWriter, you must have an email address associated with your third-party account. That happens automatically when you create a Google account, so if you wish to sign into TurboWriter with Google, nothing else is required. However, if you wish to use Facebook or Microsoft to sign in and have not yet filled in an email account with the third-party app, please go to the third-party app's account settings page to provide your email address. As noted above, if you use the same email address for one or more third parties, you can sign into TurboWriter with those different third parties at various times to access the same TurboWriter account.