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Start a New Project: Playbook Details

Product/Service Line Presentation
Anand Basu | SVP Software Services | Enterprise Science and Computing, Inc. - November 14, 2016


This template is designed to address the needs, challenges, and opportunities when it comes to evaluating software tools, products and services for use in the public sector. It identifies quality solutions from vendor companies whose products, solutions, and services can solve their challenges. Finally, it allows vendors to properly introduce their solutions to organizations who need these new technology products. It also helps organize, arrange strategic discussions, demonstrations, and pilots for increased understanding, education, purchasing, and integration of products.

  • Cover Page

    Transmits your presentation.

  • Issues to Address

    Questions that capital providers will ask and that need to be answered.

  • Targeting the Customer

    Questions surrounding how your product/service will generate customers.

  • The Business Problem

    Sets the stage for your product/solution.

  • The Solution

    Articulates your solution and your ability to execute.

  • Product/Service Line Presentation

    This presentation helps your clients and their clients define the offers efficacy.

What's New

Use this template to connect public and private organizations’ and their preferred systems integrators and management consultants with must have transformative technology products, platforms and services from smart, innovative, established, growth companies.

About Developer

Enterprise Science And Computing, Inc. (ESAC) offers expertise in Health Information Technology, Patient-Centered Research, Healthcare Innovation Research and Healthcare Quality Improvement. We aim to deliver project management, technology, and system solutions in support of key federal health missions and provide a comprehensive set of IT services that cover the full spectrum of the biomedical field.