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workbench for expert-guided collaborative authoring

About TurboWriter

Version: 2.0

TurboWriter is a collaborative web-based authoring workbench.

You can use TurboWriter to create projects that produce documents, and you can use TurboWriter to create playbooks that can be used to guide those projects.

Therefore, TurboWriter's functionality is organized into two major phases: project execution, and playbook design.

Project Execution

TurboWriter is a web-based tool for creating documents of all kinds. You can use TurboWriter to create any number of writing projects, and your project teams can use TurboWriter collaboratively to write the desired documents.

As the project owner, you begin project execution by selecting a playbook, giving your project a name, and configuring your project settings. If desired, you can also customize the playbook for your own project, or even start a project without a playbook and customize it from scratch.

Once you have started your project, TurboWriter presents you with the action items for assigning the first group of writing assignments to members of your team.

From that moment until the project is complete, TurboWriter guides you and your team members every step of the way toward producing the documents you wish to create. On-screen metrics help the team track progress and quality in real time, and a console page gives you access to every facet of your project's workflow and content.

As writers and reviewers complete their assignments, you can view your evolving documents, and modify document content if desired without leaving the document viewer, every step of the way till the project is finished.

Playbook Design

If you have ideas about how to create a particular kind of document, TurboWriter provides you with a powerful tool for making those ideas available for any number of projects. You can use TurboWriter to create new playbooks for yourself and, if you wish, to share with others.

When you create a playbook:

  • You specify the workflow for carrying out writing assignments in a logical sequence.
  • You describe the documents that will be produced by bringing together that content.
  • You provide formatting information to enhance the appearance of the documents.
  • Perhaps most importantly, you create detailed guidance for the project team, imparting your expertise on how to produce each writing assignment.

Once you've created a playbook, it can be used any number of times. You can use it yourself, and you can share it with other TurboWriter users, either privately or in the public Playbook Gallery.


In summary, TurboWriter enables subject matter experts to create playbooks in order to share their knowledge of how to accomplish a particular kind of writing project, and enables project owners to execute their projects, leveraging each playbook's embedded subject matter expertise and TurboWriter's authoring workbench features.

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